About us

Europrogetti, taking care of the environment


Environmental and territorial protection leads to economic development and improves the quality of life.
Since 1997, Europrogetti has worked together with government entities and companies to create the conditions for a healthy environment where we can bring up our children, work and produce more, create wealth and contribute to the development of our country.
We handle large and small projects in Italy and abroad with a multidisciplinary team constantly updated on the development of standards and technologies.

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We give advice and assistance in the management and optimization of water resources in the problems of waste and remediation of contaminated sites in the new frontiers of clean energy, and, in general, the prevention of pollution
in the perspective of practical and effective sustainability.
We offer advice and support to our customers, from concepts to completion, through the analysis of the existing phases of execution and monitoring of impacts.
The passion for our work stems from the awareness that environment and development need to grow together.
For this, as always, we are committed to evaluate the weight that the development has on the environment.
ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 allow us to act with rigor and with full awareness of the challenges we face every day.
Europrogetti, taking care of the environment